Preparation of your house

Upon your arrival, discover a strange feeling… that to have left never this place.

Our service of private apartment house takes care of the complete preparation of your property.

Before your stay :

  The house is opened;Notre service de conciergerie privée fais les courses avant votre arrivée

   The shopping are made and stored in fridge ;

   Beds are made;Notre service de conciergerie privée prépare votre jardin et votre piscine pour votre arrivée

   The garden furniture is cleaned and available;

   The swimming pool and the garden are in a perfect state.

After your stay :

   The house is cleaned;Notre service de conciergerie privée aére votre villa et fais le ménage pour votre arrivée

   The dirty linen is sent to the laundry;

   The property is prepared for winterNotre service de conciergerie privée range vote propriété après votre départ (draining, plumbing, swimming pool…)

   The garden furniture is cleaned and put under cover.

Discover all the services of apartment house proposed by “Conciergerie Arma Prestige”.